Girls in Trouble

17 Apr

girls in trouble at sophia's, photo by rik keller

Girls in Trouble, from Brooklyn, is mainly the project of Alicia here on violin and her husband Aaron there on bass. They were the very first out of 134 bands that Ian and I saw in Olympia last summer.

They played at Sophia’s Thai Kitchen in Davis this week along with Mirah, who’s an old Olympia / Evergreen State College / K Records friend of Aaron’s (he used to play in Old Time Relijun, too). Here’s a song from their set:

Mirah recordings are next!


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  1. Mirah w/ Girls In Touble @ Sophia’s – 4/16/11 « The ScoliosisRacoon[sic] - April 18, 2011

    […] In all honesty I kind of felt like the odd person out at this show. Sure I was still up front and enjoying the music, but everyone else at Sophia’s seemed like they knew all the lyrics by heart and were singing along while I stood there not knowing anything. I guess Mirah just has a larger following in Davis, though some in the crowd where a bit too enthusiastic. Word to the wise, if you really, desperately want to hear the hit song by an artist/band, you most likely only have to be patient and you will be rewarded. Don’t go yelling out the song you want between every break in the set. Tonight was also a partial kick off the annual KDVS fundraiser which will continue on through the week. If you enjoy independent music I suggest you donate to the station. [Update: You can hear recordings from both bands over at Adventures in Audio.] […]

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