Okinawan Blood

20 Apr

When my cousin Jojo and I were in Okinawa last year, we interned at an elementary school in the English classroom. We met a lot of awesome cute kids, and they loved Jojo because he makes a lot of funny faces.

One American-born girl in the sixth grade class was graduating, even though she barely spoke Japanese. One of her parents was American, one Okinawan, and as far as we could gather, their family was supposed to move back to the United States but couldn’t afford to. A sad story, but she was always upbeat and seemed to easily overcome the language barrier with her friends.

Jojo woke me up way too early one morning and announced, “I just had the weirdest fucking night. And then I wrote the best song of my life.” So here it is:

hidden! looks like that web design class is working out really well for me

Featured KDVS Fundraiser Premium of the Day

Everyone in Sacramento knows about my friend Danny, “the tape guy.” Everywhere he goes he leaves little bits and pieces of masking tape sculptures. These flowers are handmade with various tapes and modge-podged so they’re not sticky. Good Mother’s Day present, yeah?

Get ’em now!


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