Big Sammy KDVS ID

21 Apr

Actually, I didn’t have anything to do with this recording, except urging Ben to clip it out of the archives. But in the honor of the KDVS Fundraiser happening now, there’s no better time to share it with you.

Big Sammy hosted a rad show on KDVS called “The Hip-Hop Truck Stop.” During the 2005 KDVS Fundraiser, I was a lowly freshman in the dorms, and I was up really late one night trying to finish a theater design project, listening to KDVS through headphones since my roommate was asleep. Big Sammy was on, and it was a huge epiphany for me: “Oh, THIS is what real hip-hop is!”

Before then, I had only heard KSFM 102.5 and The Bomb 103.5 in Sacramento, and I despised them. Before then, I never understood the difference between hip-hop and rap, or that not all rap is gansta rap. My education continued with the help of Mr. Glass, Chillis, Sammy Toyon and Dog Tones. So grateful.

If KDVS has ever led you to a musical epiphany, please consider donating. If you’re hoping to have a musical epiphany, please tune in to KDVS some time!

Featured KDVS Premium of the Day

For a $25 pledge:
1) Random Abiladeze – Brutally Honest (Sacramento artist)
2) Chillis – Delta of Venus (former Davis artist and KDVS DJ)
3) Chillis – Remix Collection EP
4) Exile – Radio
5) KDVS Hip-hop Mixtape, Vol. 1

Order this! You can’t go wrong.


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