Whole Earth Gamelan

12 May

Our gamelan group is super busy this month: four shows in May, which is as many as we’re supposed to have in one year. But I’m glad! Because these will probably be my last performances before I start grad school in Los Angeles.

Last weekend we played at the KDVS stage at the annual Whole Earth Festival, when UC Davis — by some miraculous fluke — actually allows cools stuff to happen on campus. We attracted a pretty decent audience for noon, luckily without any body-painted bro dancers, or I would have been crackin’ up.

This song, “Solontongan / Sampak,” prominently features the rebab (bowed fiddle) since it was the only instrument mic’ed, plus me playing the pankat (intro) and Roy Werner on rincik like a wizard in the second half.

(Can anyone tell what the sound guys are saying about us near the end?)


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    […] Since January, I’ve been practicing with a gamelan ensemble called Ngesthi Budoy at the Indonesian consulate in Los Angeles. This group plays in the Central Javanese style, very different although sharing the same island as the Sundanese (West Java) style I’m used to from UC Davis. […]

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