Rooftop Recordings:          Eleanor Murray & Co.

11 Jun

Abigail Peachtree and Eleanory Murray

The beginning of summer in Davis is celebrated on the last day of UCD finals with backyard shows and barbeques. In case you missed this year’s scholastic solstice festivities, I’ll share a little bit of it here.

Two Olympia tour groups converged at the Robot Residence on Thursday, starting off with Eleanor Murray & Co., featuring a full lineup: Joshua James (Letters), Aba Kiser (Abigail Peachtree) and Peter Keller (Stones in Flood).

“Scream” (with some extra yelp assistance from the patio)

To simulate the rest of the night, you will need to throw on one of Joshua’s Summer Soul mixtapes and have a dance party on a carpet, then sneak into the Temescal Apartments jacuzzi. Have fun!


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