Moe Meguro Practice Session

28 Jun

Moe Meguro basement practice

My cousin Jojo Brandel used to lead a seven-piece underage orchestra called Please Quiet Ourselves. A bunch of them left for college, and then he left Okinawa with me, and PQO more or less dissolved (even though they have a brand new CD out that I’ll be promoting).

But out of the ashes of PQO arose Moe Meguro, Jojo’s trio along with Bernie Gelman and Buddy Hale. Named after a super cute member of the Japanese Olympic curling team, the Moe project is far more experimental musically, with themes inspired by places and people in Okinawa.

Here’s a little piece of their latest practice session in Jojo’s basement:

They’re about to record a 12″ album at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. Proceeds from sales will benefit a music program in Tohoku, Japan, where the earthquake hit hardest. You can help them put the record out and guarantee a copy (and other silly prizes) by donating on their Kickstarter.


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