Heck Fest: Mount Eerie

25 Jul

Mount Eerie at What the Heck Fest 2011

The final act of the final night of the final What the Heck? Fest was appropriately Mount Eerie. There were a lot of magical moments during this set:

1) Phil Elverum encouraging everyone to move to Anacortes even though “there’s no college in this town, and there’s not that many jobs for young people, and of course it’s not the cheapest town to live in. It’s ’cause it’s awesome!”

2) Hearing the waves crash directly underneath us in the Port Warehouse following the lyric, “Where I live there is a constant roaring” in this song.

3) Eating M&Ms and sunflower seeds.

4) Watching smoke from a smoke machine on stage spill out the warehouse gate and into the darkening sky.

5) Holding my breath listening to this:

Port Warehouse during Mount Eerie's setThus concludes the Adventures in Audio Heck Fest coverage, for now at least. I might slip in some things later on. Next adventure: moving to Los Angeles! Ahh!


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