Elisa Unplugged

28 Jul

For my 10th birthday, I got an acoustic guitar. It was 3/4-sized with nylon strings, and even though it wasn’t like my brother’s friends’ electrics, I still felt pretty cool.

My parents signed me up for lessons at The Fifth String, and on the first day I learned the “Come As You Are” riff. (I think the second week I started learning “Particle Man,” my favorite song at the time.)

After a few months, my teacher set me up to record on her 4-track. I was so nervous that I could hear my heartbeat in the headphones and I was sure it would record that too.

I unearthed the cassette last week while sorting through all my stuff in preparation for moving. The tracklist cracked me up: 1) Amazing Grace instrumental 2) Star Wars Main Theme 3) Amazing Grace

(I’m pretty sure I say “wrench” because no one wrote out the words for me.)


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