Adventures in Video

9 Aug

I’m in the middle of an intensive two-week multimedia bootcamp, the first class in the Specialized Journalism program at USC, and I’ve been exhausted since it started Wednesday morning. I forgot what it’s like to have things to do!

Last week we started learning Final Cut Pro to make audio slideshows, and today we start editing video. Windows Movie Maker is, obviously, pretty wack compared to Final Cut, but it’s fun to fool around with at home.

Images from my new house, getting comfy with the still cameras we’re borrowing in our media kits. I recorded that Casio a couple years ago as part of a song-a-day challenge on my cell phone (calling and recording to Cinchcast).

Sunday night I was talking on the phone (in “the lookout” above) when the room flooded with the light of a search helicopter. That’s what I found outside the window, right in front of my house! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gun pointed at someone, much less 20 pointed at someone in the middle of my street.

My housemate didn’t even notice until after the guys had been cuffed and contained, and then he was like, “Oh yeah, happens all the time.”


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