Summer Adventures Mix

29 Aug

tree canopy in Davis Central Park

One week into the fall semester seems like a good time to start getting nostalgic about summer. I got inspired by Teddy Briggs’ Appetite Summer Mix and puzzled together a few of the songs I’ve been jamming the most lately. They’re not all new, and they’re not all underground, but this is my summer soundtrack:

1. Germany Germany – “Too Much to Say” (mix download)
2. Carmen McCrae (GB remix) – “Just a Little Lovin'”
3. ALAK (Patten remix) – “My Love Is the Best” (download)
4. Michael RJ Saalman – “Phaser Crane” (video)
5. TV Girl – “Baby You Were There” (mix download)
6. J Dilla – “So Far to Go” (instrumental)
7. Appetite – “Tussy” (video)
8. ALPS – “I Get So High” (stream)
9. Why? – “Simeon’s Dilemma”
10. Motorbikes – “Shapely Iceberg” (blog)
11. Stephen Steinbrink – “It’s Home – Make My Nest” (blog)

If I were making this mixtape for you, these are the notes I would write:

3, 4, 7 = Sacramento buddies

10, 11 = other place buddies

2 = One time I requested this on Nix’s show, and he couldn’t find it but said he would play it next week. The next Friday, my alarm went off playing KDVS, and in my dream I started singing along as he played it. It was pretty trippy.

5 = lol this is from an Urban Outfitters mix

6 = I don’t think I’ve ever even heard the non-instrumental version, but I could listen to this on repeat. And I have. Usually while on the bus.

7 = “Double Dare” outtakes

9 = couldn’t really get into this album until one night making calabacitas

10 = actually a jam from last summer but always apropos

11 = gamelan in DIY pop, yes!


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