Dan Deacon at Pehrspace

9 Sep

I tried to watch Dan Deacon at FYF Fest on Saturday, squished against a bunch of huge guys shoulder to shoulder, separated from my friends because 20,000 live-tweeters were all battling for cell service.

But when the music started, the combination of a thousand jumping festival- goers and the over-mayonaissed turkey sandwich in my stomach kind of blurred my vision. I panicked, thinking I would get knocked down and trampled, and no one would notice. With considerable struggle, I squeezed my way out.

So, I was a little apprehensive about seeing Dan Deacon on Monday at Pehrspace, a little gallery that probably has a fire marshal-ordered room capacity of maybe 35, with an audience easily triple that number.

But since it was so packed and alarmingly humid, I felt like the crowd watched out for each other, catching each other off balance, keeping each other hydrated. I had a few friends there but felt by the end I knew everyone. I didn’t mind at all being soaked in their sweat. I felt safe.

Dan Deacon at Pehrspace 2011


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