Fun with, Like, Real Audio

27 Oct

history of sound in the arts notes

My first quarter after graduating from UC Davis, I audited a Technocultural Studies class called History of Sound in the Arts. I took a lot of notes like this.

Prof. Doug Kahn covered everything from player pianos to prepared pianos, the “dawn chorus” of electromagnetic noise to his own claim to fame, “Reagan Speaks for Himself” (sampled by Fine Young Cannibals and Eric B. & Rakim):

He also introduced us to a silly audio project called Language Removal Services, taking movie clips and speeches and clipping out everything but the uhhs, umms and throat-clearings. The most disturbing examples were the speeches of each gubernatorial candidate during the 2003 California recall election.

I was inspired to try a similar experiment after interviewing someone (who shall remain anonymous) for a class assignment who, I realized, says “like” as much as I do. I was also remembering in high school when my friend kept a tally of how many times one particularly verbose girl said “like” in a class seminar (something like 54 times in 20 minutes).

I intended to chop up the whole 45-minute interview, but I found the first five minutes to be plenty. Enjoy!


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