Radio Show: Folk Music of Peru

17 Nov

I’ve been going through my old radio shows from KDVS — a mixture of nostalgia and thirst for more musical exposure, I suppose. I did a whole series of “Analog Oatmeal Abroad” episodes, going through all the CDs and vinyl from one country and picking out the best folk and funk songs.

One I’m particularly proud of is the Peru episode. The first Peruvian music I ever heard was an album by The Blind Street Musicians of Cusco, consisting mostly of the arpe harp seen above. When people are born or become blind in Peru, it is a common belief that all they can do to survive is play the harp — and, man, they totally shred.

I originally edited this down to a CD-size file for my favorite Peruvian, Mr. Mick Mucus, and now I want to share it with you!

Here is the playlist from my old show page.


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