Annah Anti-Palindrome

14 Feb

annah-anti-palindrome at home room

Do you get stuck in music ruts too? When you listen to the same bands over and over and see the same bands live again and again? But then out of the blue someone brand new pops up and you’re like, “I gotta get out more”?

Such was the case with Annah Anti-Palindrome, who played at Home Room last week at an event I attended without even realizing there would be live music. She’s from Oakland and plays with a loop pedal, an egg (real, not a shaker), a gas mask and a bow on a glockenspiel.

audio art + archive zine

Annah also distributes this cute zine about home audio recording and editing with Audacity (like me!). They’re not available to order online, but she said they can be requested by email (for $5): resistingpalindromes at gmail.


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