KChung Radio ID

29 Mar

kchung logo
My buddy Solomon runs a low-power radio station in Chinatown called KChung Radio, named after its origin on Chung King Road. It started out broadcasting just one evening a week, but since the fall it has grown to cover five hours a night Sunday through Thursday, with dozens of DJs and live performances.

kchung radioThe station is currently holding a contest, mostly for their own benefit, to create audio station identifications for broadcast.

The winner gets a cute little KChung lightbox:

(I’m pretty sure I took this photo.)

So I cobbled together a submission tonight, attempting to redo my “I Am Sitting in a Room”-style experiment. Someone had to point out to me that I did it all wrong: I recorded straight from tape to tape in the same console instead of letting it play out loud and recording the room tone along with it. Doh!

But in this experiment I went back and forth between two portable cassette recorders. The first one is running out of battery, so my voice is slowed down (but I still can’t wrap my head around how it gets sped up to normal pitch). It pretty quickly degrades into feedback and then static.

If you want to compete too, submissions are due April 1.

  • No parameters except it should probably say “KChung”
  • Email to contact@kchungradio.org

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