Aloe Blacc Station ID

13 Apr

aloe blacc

I met Aloe Blacc today.

He spoke at USC for an outdoor listening party of Marvin Gaye’s politically, socially charged 1971 concept album, What’s Going On. Since Aloe Blacc is sometimes celebrated as a modern-day Gaye, and since he’s a Trojan alum, professor Josh Kun invited him to the panel discussion between sides A and B.

He also happens to be buddies with my classmate Jessica, and she introduced me so that I could get a station ID for KDVS.

I chopped up “Whole World” from his first album Shine Through, partly because it’s the first song I ever heard by him and immediately loved (one of many songs that finally inspired me to try my own hip-hop show on the radio), and mostly so I could use that line about (Miles) Davis.

Hot audio tip: It was kind of windy outside and I forgot my recorder’s windscreen, so I used my scarf instead. A sock also works! Still doesn’t block out dudes yelling in the background.

EDIT: Thanks to Myk Blauuw from ATF Radio for this ridiculous tip, Aloe Blacc’s “I Love USC and I Hate UCLA”:


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