Clementine & the Tween Sensations on KDVS

26 Apr

kdvs fundraiser 2012The 2012 KDVS Fundraiser is this week, with DJs doing crazy things on their shows so that you’ll donate money and we can stay on the air.

So far, one of my favorite moments of the week has been a live in-studio performance on “The Creaking Hinge.” Some DJs named themselves Clementine & the Tween Sensations and sang this original song, “Sunshine & Pink Lemonade.”

I love Mick Mucus and Ed too! KDVS is a magic place full of awesome things!

If you want to support kids doing cool shit on the airwaves, independent media providing alternative music, opinions and news, non-commercial freeform radio, local and underground musicians getting representation, and me and my friends, donate to KDVS!

Our fundraiser goes until Sunday at midnight. Our $64,000 goal will make up 2/3 of the annual operating budget, keep the university off our back and ensure that we stay a vital resource for the Davis community and beyond. Donations are tax-deductible and you get to pick out sweet premium gift packages.

kdvs craigHere’s one I recommend: For only $10, you can get this local music compilation my best buddy Craig curated. He used a couple of my live recordings from this blog, by Oh Foot and MLE.

Backyard Broadcasts
featuring exclusive, unreleased, in-studio, or live recordings from artists working in the Davis/Sacramento area. eclecticism via pop/punk/folk/bluegrass/experimental/etc.


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