Javanese Gamelan Rehearsal

4 Jun

consulate javanese gamelan

Since January, I’ve been practicing with a gamelan ensemble called Ngesthi Budoy at the Indonesian consulate in Los Angeles. This group plays in the Central Javanese style, very different although sharing the same island as the Sundanese (West Java) style I’m used to from UC Davis.

There’s a completely separate repertoire, new patterns, and the metallophones are numbered backward from Sundanese. I don’t like this tuning as much, but this dance piece “Eling-Eling Banyumasan” is pretty fun.

A big difference is we play a lot of contemporary pieces that stray from the traditional patterns and instrumentation. This song, “Mars Persahabatan,” features a standard snare drum in addition to the kendang hand drums. It’s probably the craziest gamelan song I’ve ever played:


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