Anacortes Audio Adventures

16 Jul

gloom  glow
I spent the last weekend soaking and sunning in Anacortes, Washington, for the first edition of the Anacortes Unknown Music Series. The three-day festival was the successor to the annual What the Heck? Fest, organized by the town’s PNW indie rock family, led by Bret Lunsford, Phil Elverum and Geneviève Castrée.

There’s a lot of recordings, photos and thoughts to share, but I’ll start with relaying this film “Heck” that was screened the first night, documenting the tenth and final Heck Fest last summer. I never met the director Craig Webster, but we got in touch when he started collecting audio to go with his footage, so several months ago I sent him all my Heck Fest 2011 recordings.

I had forgotten about the transaction until Friday night, waiting in line for the bathroom during the beginning of the film and thinking, “Man, this sounds really familiar…” He used a few pieces of songs which you can hear in their entirety if you look through my archives.

Even though I’ve had the title in my domain name since Day 1, I think this is my first actual role as an audiographer. With credits!


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