Anacortes Unknown: O Paon

24 Jul

This was my third year pilgrimaging up to Anacortes, Wash., for a music festival, and it was probably the least overwhelming. Note: not underwhelming, just slightly less crazy sensory overload than What the Heck? Fest.

guemes channel sunset

I missed hearing waves of sound pouring out of the Port Warehouse, seeing and smelling the ocean below the venue floor, watching the sun set into Guemes Island and following Karl Blau along the Friendship Trail.

The inaugural Anacortes Unknown Music Series had a smaller venue, fewer performers and audience members and a simplified schedule. But we still got to hear what’s new from this little corner of the country, sing along, see a lightning storm, run in the rain, swim across a lake, eat a damn good dinner, meet kids from all across the coast, and dance party.

o paon

I have a full CD-R’s worth of recordings from the festival, and I’ll start sharing in chronological order with Ô Paon, a.k.a. Geneviève Castrée. For most of her set she was shredding on a guitar, but I liked her vocal-loop closer the most.

But really the best part of her performance was seeing lightning bolts through the windows, lighting up the old church room, and hearing cracks of thunder seconds later. There’s a few in this track:

So, maybe there was a pretty incredible amount of sensory overload.

Next up: Karl Blau!


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