Unknown: Karl Blau

25 Jul

karl blau and band

By the time Karl Blau played, lightning had struck a transformer and cut the electricity at The Unknown. I heard they ran some serious extension cables to power all the equipment and a single stage lamp. So excuse the photo.

Karl’s set was the best I’ve ever seen from him, with a new lineup that included the Unknown house piano. That man knows how to craft a quirky little pop song.

Side note:
When I had Karl on “Phoning It In,” I asked Maggie Cat what interview questions I should ask him. Her immediate response was, “Who dresses him?” The answer is his wife, Calli Blau, who designs clothes as LoopApparel.

Next up: Ashley Eriksson!


2 Responses to “Unknown: Karl Blau”

  1. Craig July 25, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    When I told my mom this story she was very concerned for the health of the performers, apparently lighting could have traveled all the way through the cord/building/floor/amps into their hand and zapped them hard.

    The concept makes them sound far more crazy than this song does.

    • Elisa Hough July 26, 2012 at 2:55 am #

      From a Fox News story:

      “At MTV’s ‘Spring Break’ in 1996, Gavin Rossdale performed his band Bush’s hit single ‘Glycerine’ alone in the pouring rain. In that ultimate rock star moment, he risked electrocution and being struck by lighting, all for the fans who had braved the elements to hear him.

      The performance is considered one of the highlights of his fourteen-year career.”

      I remember an MTV special about the performance afterward, and Gavin said he realized the risk he was making, but he figured it was a pretty romantic way to die.

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