Unknown: Dennis Driscoll

27 Jul

dennis driscoll and a troll

As tradition, the Anacortes festival included a dinner show, with awesome locally sourced food, a totally wack presentation about living in Antarctica (bro, if you can’t feel your ears for three days, see a freakin’ doctor) and a musical act.

I met Dennis Driscoll once, when he slept on my couch in Davis, but I had never seen him play. I knew he was a funny guy, and I knew he had some silly songs, but I don’t think anything could prepare me for his storytelling and troll puppet.

dennis and troll animation

Later that night, I found Dennis and said, “I don’t know if you remember me, but you stayed at my house in Davis one time with Generifus.”

He looked a little confused but immediately listed several items hanging on the walls of the house and some food offerings that I don’t even remember.

Next up: Motorbikes!


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