Kyoto Critters

17 Aug

Ota-jinja Shrine

After a Family Mart pit stop to buy almond Pocky and a monkey-man pear popsicle, we biked to this little shrine on the north side of Kyoto called Ota-jinja.

Tree Top Town

The best part was listening to these mystery insects (or birds?) sing:

Can anyone ID these? Maybe a different kind of cicada? More importantly, do you think they inspired the Boo sound in Super Mario World?

(When I was trying to find this, I realized that the Haunted House music from Mario 64 is totally like Balinese or Cambodian gamelan. It’s so sick.)

Also, I wanted to do something with these funny frogs at Fushimi Inari Shrine, but they didn’t match the beat of our mini jam:


One Response to “Kyoto Critters”

  1. Gerrell Drawhorn August 17, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    Definitely cicadas, but they have a higher pitch than most that I have heard from Indonesia and Malaysia. Maybe that relates to temperature, as cicadas, like crickets stridulate differently at different temperatures.

    Have you checked out SPK’s “The Insect Musicians” yet?

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