Drunk Driving in Edogawa

11 Dec

When my cousin Jojo and I traveled to Okinawa together in 2010, we were both outsiders. Everything we explored was new to both of us. We both fumbled with the Japanese language and got lost.

But when I visited Jojo in Tokyo this summer, where he had been living and going to school for a year, he became my tour guide. He showed me some of the best food shops, cooked me the best meal of the trip, translated for me and navigated me through the subways and trains.

He also led me to this cute park along a tributary of the Arakawa River in the Edogawa district. Just like the old days, he brought a guitar; I brought a camera and a recorder. We played frisbee until the wind got the best of us, then cooled down in this pond to film a little Blogothèque-style takeaway show music video.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Q-f8Pu4y9JE]
Jojo turns 20 and returns to California this week! Looking forward to more food and music adventures in Los Angeles.

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