Gamelan Rap Attack

19 Mar

ian solontongan
Last week I visited my alma maters, UC Davis and the UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble. I was hoping to practice along with the group, but instead I played the spectator — for the first time! — at their end-of-quarter performance.

Ian Martyn led the first group singing this song, “Warung Pojok.” Director Henry Spiller explained: “The song is actually about the corner food stall. Warung is the place you go to eat really, really really, cheap, student-type foods. The lyrics are talking about how delicious the food is and how sweet the coffee is. The only thing sweeter than the coffee is the waitress.

“So it’s just Ian’s kind of song,” he joked.

gamelan salendro
I continued my classically Davis day with an underground stop at KDVS, dinner at Delta of Venus and the monthly Sick Spits open mic poetry and comedy night.

I walked in just in time for Sacto pseudo-celeb Random Abiladeze, who has recently changed his name to Rasar. He tried out some new material a cappella, and I tried out mashing it up with the gamelan’s “Solontongan” recorded earlier in the day:


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