Project Pigeon Runway

25 Mar

rooftop view of ellensburg, wa
Last week I stayed with my friend Craig in Ellensburg, Washington, a tiny town in the middle of the state with a quaint downtown and a university. Although I arrived on the first day of spring, I hadn’t felt such wintry weather in years. Then it snowed, which I haven’t seen in 15 years! I put on four shirts, two jackets, two pairs of pants, and it was delightful.

Craig lives in probably one of the taller buildings in town, standing at a staggering four stories, with easy rooftop access. At the top of the A-frame roof is this open-air wind tunnel thing that seems to serve a sole purpose of a pigeon roost. They fly in and out all day, and at night you can hear them cooing from inside. Craig calls them his upstairs neighbors.

pigeon roost
So I left my Zoom at the opening of the tunnel for a full hour to record the birds’ departures and arrivals. Exactly 2.4 seconds after I turned it on, precariously perched at the edge of this opening, a pigeon flew out right in front of my face. The rest of the good bits are cut down to one tidy minute for your enjoyment:


One Response to “Project Pigeon Runway”

  1. Audry March 26, 2013 at 12:45 am #

    I think my favorite part is the bit where Craig is laughing at you. Nothing like having a surprise pigeon in the face.

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