Gamelan Pacifica

4 Apr

Maggie Brown recital program

The Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle hosts a student gamelan class and a seasoned community group, Gamelan Pacifica.

The ensemble includes the standard Javanese instruments made of bronze, but I first learned of them through a recording at KDVS using an aluminum gamelan!

So when my fellow Davis gamelan expat Mike joined Gamelan Pacifica, and my trip to Seattle coincided with his first performance with them, I was quite excited.

The show was Maggie Brown’s senior composition recital, featuring also complex and moving pieces for various Western instrumentations. She composed both the music — alas, on the bronze set — and lyrics for the gamelan song, “Sun Time in Slendro.”

Things I realized after writing and uploading this:
1) The vocalist Jessika Kenney has collaborated with Sun O))), Sun City Girls and the Black Cat Orchestra, among others.
2) Cornish College already uploaded the entire recital on Soundcloud.


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    […] Los Angeles, Seattle and D.C. The two directors of the UC Davis gamelan played with Pusaka Sunda, Jessika Kenney performed as her duo, and a singer from the L.A. consulate group sang with the embassy […]

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