Anacortes Unknown #2

16 Apr

anacortes unknown
By a stroke of serendipity, the Cheap Flight I found for a spring break in Seattle coincided with the Anacortes Unknown Music Series #2. AUMS #1 was a lower-key festival than its What’s the Heck? Fest predecessor, and this installment was even mellower still.

The one-day event, titled “OURS” — organizer Geneviève Castrée  claimed the name was not so much about a feeling of inclusion as the importance of a woman’s right to choose — featured a nearly all-female lineup.

I’m not going to post as many tracks as I have in festivals past, partly because none of the recordings turned out that great and partly because I recorded Lois saying something like “I hope all you people with recording devices are going to keep it to yourselves, keep it ours.” Whoops.

Well, I’m only going to share this one, to get you stoked for AUMS #3 in July. Here’s Lloyd & Michael:

During this song, I was thinking, “These are some pretty heavy Mark Knopfler-style riffs.” At the end, Ian leaned over to me and said, “Man, those were some pretty heavy Mark Knopfler-style riffs!”

The music at the festival was good, but really the highlights for me were the ethnomusicology lecture about Hildegard von Bingen by one half of Lloyd & Michael, Marianna Ritchey, and the finale dance party DJ’d by the other half, Katy Davidson (a.k.a. DJ Weird Cactus). She played “Killing in the Name” and Craig initially laughed but then rocked out harder than I’ve ever seen.


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