Answering Machine Answers

14 May

panasonic answering machine
What can you tell about a person from the people who call him?

Today I paid $5 for this old Panasonic micro-cassette answering machine at Berda Paradise Thrift Store in Silver Lake to find out.

Paul Gray is a man who tunes pianos, lives in Echo Park with a 666 home phone number, stands up two women on a date, and supports his local credit union over a major international bank. Not a bad aural portrait painted.

Upon further investigation online, I also found out that Paul is a Registered Piano Technician and is USC and LACC’s official piano tuner. Ha!

answering machine microcasettes
Sidenote: I had ended up at the thrift store on a mission to find some silly sounds. I considered recording the shopkeeper and a customer who were chatting away, especially after the latter mentioned doing a photo shoot in a hot tub. Turns out it was Anna Maria Horsford from Friday and Friday After Next.


One Response to “Answering Machine Answers”

  1. Goldrush May 14, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    You’ve heard the old Voice Jail show, right?

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