The Downstairs Neighbor

6 Jun

The two guys who live below us are in a band. They practice a lot. One plays guitar, one sings. Late at night. Right now. Singing out their open window, bouncing off the adjacent apartment wall, and into our open window.

Eh, he was asking for it.


One Response to “The Downstairs Neighbor”

  1. crystal wizard June 10, 2013 at 6:38 pm #

    haha reminds me of a hot summer morning in NJ, long ago. my girlfriend and i were living in the downstairs apartment of a two story house on a busy street in a suburb. our upstairs, next door neighbors were these two young ladies who liked to have extremely loud, nasty arguments at 6am. summer, no ac, them or us, windows wide open. one morning i jumped up and grabbed a portable tape unit, recorded 3 mns of the screaming, then played it back- loud, like loud loud! hahaha my girlfriend almost pissed the bed laughing, my very sweet upstairs neighbors laughed so loud we could hear them, and the two screamers gave me dirty looks next time they saw me. they never fought loud enough to hear them again.

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