John Densmore Station ID

11 Jun

john densmore at kpfk
I met John Densmore today.

The first time he came into the studio at KPFK, where I’ve been volunteering as a production assistant, it took me a few minutes to realize who he was: the drummer of The freakin’ Doors. I wanted to record something with him then, but he was in and out before I could close the John Densmore Wikipedia page.

He has been promoting his new book, The Doors: Unhinged, about the legal battles between the remaining members and parents after Jim Morrison died. And in the middle of promoting, Ray Manzarek died too.

So the interview on “my” show, “Global Village” with Betto Arcos, was postponed until today. They discussed the book, Ray’s sickness and incredible musicianship, and insider notes on several L.A.-themed songs. The archive of the show will be up for two weeks (the interview starts halfway through).

I managed to grab John between studio pre-records to get a KDVS station identification on my dinky portable Zoom:


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