Beast Nest + SBSM

13 Jun

beast nest

Sharmi Basu, a.k.a. Beast Nest, Beastie, Mama Buries, Brother Time, Sharmin Ultra! and my former KDVS publicity co-director, spent a few days in Los Angeles on tour as part of an Oakland music collective called Anal Cube.

Her current music project is a mash of electronic effects manipulating a Yamaha keyboard and a Nintendo DS.

“I start off harsh, like creating some sort of harsher environment, and then moving into some sort of attempt at light that’s not totally light, but reaching for that within the harshness,” she explains of her set. “You’re constantly trying to move through the fog to get to the light, and it never actually happens. So you end up falling back into the darkness — but then there’s that moment.”


SBSM is Rosie (singing on this song), Sep and Laura. I asked what it stands for — Sharmi Basu Sound Master is one iteration, but it’s up for interpretation. Each member sang two songs, and Rosie announced hers were for her mom, who passed away when she was only 10.

“It’s kind of like everything is a reminder of her absence, and so i think it’s really good for me,” she says about performing these songs. “How do I take the birth and death out of me and my art? I think it’s impossible. I can try to sing about something different, but it all comes from that place.”

These clips are just a sneak preview of a bigger Adventures in Audio project to be revealed next week. Stay tuned!


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