Museum of Natural History Insect Zoo

29 Jun

tarantula at natural history museum
I had the best evacuation experience yesterday: When rain and thunder storms progressed to lightening bolts, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival staff made us leave the metal-framed outdoor tents and take shelter in the surrounding Smithsonian museums. I picked the National Museum of Natural History.

Its taxidermy dioramas and videos are pretty breathtaking, and the size is overwhelming. The Hope Diamond is eh. But since proto-Homosapien skulls and deep-sea creatures give me the creeps, I mostly hung around the live Insect Zoo (okay, the African millipede did make my skin crawl).

The first display case housed the tarantula. Every kid freaked out. I wish I could have just set up my recorder at the tarantula and get every kids’ reaction. Instead I walked around the whole exhibit, catching snippets of conversations and exclamations, parents pretending to be, by necessity, entomologists.

  • There’s simultaneous conversations at 0:30. Listen to the kids.
  • Does anyone know the language at 0:59?

Photos from the rest of the museum:

national museum of natural history
weird amphibian, kinda cute?
bubonic plague cell
smithsonian hippo


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