Exploring World Music

4 Aug

teruya, okinawa
For my internship at Smithsonian Folkways, I’ve been going through our existing themed playlists, adding songs of my choice from our catalog, and publishing them to Songza, a free music streaming service. Basically, I’m going through the same process of prepping my radio show, except now it’s my job!

Here’s a few of the playlists I made through the Folkways account:

I also just released my first personal playlist, Okinawa Island Time, featuring songs from and inspired by Japan’s southernmost island. I had to read through my whole oki yo! blog to remember artists, titles and place names.

Songza puts the tracks in random order, so in case you don’t get to Shoukichi Kina’s “Haisai Ojisan,” my favorite and one of the most popular Okinawan pop songs, here’s a non-video:


Ridiculous lyrics translated:

Hey, man! Hey, man!
If there’s a drop of sake left in last night’s little bottle
Won’t you give me some?
Hey, boy! Hey, boy!
You think I’m satisfied with a little bottle?
Don’t say there’s none left!
OK, man! If the little bottle’s not enough, give me a big one.

Hey, man! Hey, man!
I wanna marry, I’m not a kid anymore.
Can I marry your daughter?
Hey, boy! Hey boy!
Marry? No kidding!
You’re still too young to talk about such things.
OK, man! I’ll wait ’til my hair turns white.

Hey, man! Hey, man!
What a big bald spot you have!
Hey, boy! Hey, boy!
Bald men are excellent,
My forefathers were really excellent.
OK, man! I’m gonna have cosmetic surgery to add bald spots.

Hey, man! Hey, man!
Your beard is funny, like the whiskers of an attic mouse.
Hey, boy! Hey, boy!
Laugh at my beard, but women love bearded men.
OK, man! I don’t wanna be outdone by you,
Starting tomorrow, I’ll grow a beard that looks like the whiskers of a mouse.

Hey, man! Hey, man!
Last night’s hooker was really pretty, you should go there too.
Hey, boy! Hey, boy!
In Chiji, Nakajima and Watanji, I’m a big shot
OK, man! Going around here and there, I’m wasting my money.
You’re wasting your money.


5 Responses to “Exploring World Music”

  1. kennethahough August 4, 2013 at 11:24 pm #

    Awesome! Read your writings and listened to some Polynesian. Now listening to your Okinawan playlist. I love it and does it ever take me back.

  2. World Listener August 7, 2013 at 4:40 am #

    can’t listen to those playlist outside of USA or Canada :-(, the ojisan track is very nice thanks!

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