Pavement Live on KDVS

25 Aug

pavement kdvs cassette tape
When we recruit new DJs at KDVS, there’s a few things we tell them: DJ Shadow started out here. Blackalicious met here. Noam Chomsky was interviewed here. Pavement played their first show in studio here.

But it’s always been a bit of a thing of legend, because even if there was a reel-to-reel recording, it has long been missing. A couple of tracks from a listener recording surfaced last year on Youtube and then Pitchfork, but it seemed like the whole session was lost.

So imagine my surprise when the following occurred:

I was exchanging contact info with the web director of Smithsonian Folkways at the beginning of my internship, and he noted my 916 Sacramento number.

“That’s pretty close to Stockton, huh? I’m a huge fan of a band from there called Pavement,” he said.

“Oh yeah? This is debatable, but we like to say that at my college radio station…”

“KDVS?” [Surprise #1]

“Yeah! You know it?”

“Yeah, they played their first show there. I have it all on tape.” [Surprise #2] “I’ll make you a copy.” [Surprise #3]

Well, here it is: 46 minutes featuring Stephen Malkmus, Spiral Stairs and Gary Young on December 14, 1989, transferred from cassette to cassette, acquired in a tape trade in the ’90s. Download here.

And here’s a little preview of “Debris Slide” live followed by a pre-recorded “Box Elder” that they kind of played over:


3 Responses to “Pavement Live on KDVS”

  1. Brian Faulkner August 24, 2014 at 6:22 pm #

    I was there in the studio when this went down. I started at KDVS in summer of ’88. Never did get a recording of it though, so thanks for putting this up!

    • Jason "Fawkes" Turner September 3, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

      You were there? So you know it wasn’t Gary You g on drums but the lesser known Jason “Fawkes” Turner? Just trying to set the legend straight. Wiki also has it only partially right. Check out the story behind Demolition Okot J7. This recording was mad at the same time.


  1. Thanks for All the Memorex | Adventures in Audio - March 15, 2014

    […] Pavement Live on KDVS […]

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