DC Summer Mixtape: Side 1

2 Sep

ocean city sunset

This summer has been a strange and exciting one: moving to a new city, navigating new streets on a new bike, meeting new friends at a new job, living 3,000 miles from almost everyone I love.

This first half of the mixtape is the strange, nostalgic, mellow, melancholy side.

  1. Pregnant – Elisa (Your Song)
  2. Stephen Steinbrink – The Way It Is
  3. Dragging an Ox Through Water – Shima Uta
  4. Poppet – Tunnel Vision
  5. Elvis Presley – Blue Moon
  6. Dimples – Boundless Love
  7. Norwegian Arms – Jitterbug
  8. Ever Ending Kicks – Outside Again
  9. Dark Dark Dark – Daydreaming
  10. Kepi Ghoulie – Stormy Weather

Hear Side 2, too.


  1. Daniel Trudeau a.k.a. Pregnant has been funding his touring and musical expenses with this Your Song project: You Paypal him a minimum of $5 and he’ll write and record a song about you – or at least with your name as the title. At first I didn’t think mine was especially relevant to me, but now I think he actually psychoanalyzed me and is spot-on.
  2. I’m a dope and thought for months that Stephen Steinbrink recorded a Tupac cover. Ian taught me about Bruce Hornsby.
  3. This song kills me. It’s a cover of a super popular song in Okinawa by a mainland Japanese band called The Boom. Shima uta means “island music,” and it’s what kickstarted a mainstream interest in Okinawan music and culture. I saw Dragging an Ox Through Water at least once in Davis and didn’t think I liked him much, but this is achingly beautiful. It makes me miss my mom.
  4. Haunting song by Davis expat Molly Raney a.k.a. Poppet. She’s currently raising money to put our her first real album!
  5. Did you know we had a blue moon last month? Isn’t this the strangest Elvis song you’ve ever heard?
  6. Dimples is led by my fellow Californian Smithsonian Folkways intern Kevin Parme. There’s an amazing video for this song.
  7. I had Norwegian Arms on “Phoning It In” years ago, and they’ve just premiered this new version of an old song, coincidentally mixed by Ian’s ex-roommate.
  8. Basically I can’t make a mix without something by Paul Benson anymore. This one seemed appropriate for my shift from L.A. to D.C.
  9. Everything Dark Dark Dark makes is pretty.
  10. Kepi played this when we saw him at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel this summer, but this piano version really seals it as the summer bummer jam.

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