DC Summer Mixtape: Side 2

20 Sep

that's me, if you can't tell

Side 1 was the weird melancholy side of this year’s summer adventures mix. Side 2 is the feeling-amazing, biking-at-night-and-loving-it, watching-a-moon-rocket-in-the-sky-from-the-roof, fireflies-and-lightning electro side.

  1. Adayudaya congregation – Psalm 136
  2. Michael RJ Saalman – Cancerous
  3. Pregnant – Philip (Your Song)
  4. Banabila & Machinefabriek – Spin ‘n Puke
  5. The Nothing – Sing-a-malon
  6. Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock
  7. Collin Crowe – Crystal Dreaming
  8. Gianni Safred – Disco Satellite
  9. Gershon Kingsley – Popcorn
  10. J.D. Robb – Synthi Waltz


  1. Discovered this Smithsonian Folkways record, Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of UgandaThis first track just floored me.
  2. Michael Saalman = Sacramento homeboy
  3. Even though Daniel Trudeau did a (Your Song) for me, this one might be my favorite. Can’t stop jammin’. You can get one too! He upped the price, however, to a whopping $7.
  4. This guy Michel Banabila is about to perform at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn modern art museum.
  5. The Nothing is one of my top five DJ crushes, originally from Davis and now SF. He liked my recent recording of the Indonesian Embassy gamelan ensemble so much that he SAMPLED IT and made this rad beat out of it!
  6. Ian and I watched a lot of “Futurama” this summer.
  7. We saw this guy perform as Dr. Synth at The Dunes, and I wanted to dance so badly! But everyone was just standing and nodding and I was the newcomer so I didn’t want to stir things up.
  8. Another Folkways record, Futurible: The Life to Come, an anomaly in our catalog of electro synth funk.  “What did the future sound like in 1980?”
  9. DJ Andy at KDVS introduced me to Hot Butter’s “Popcorn,” the second primarily electronic song to hit American pop charts. But I didn’t learn until researching electronic music for work that Gershon Kingsley was the original composer, and his version is even greater.
  10. Some Moog to close out, from the 1976 Folkways album Rhythmania and Other Electronic Musical Compositions.

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