Takoma Park Free Jazz

16 Dec

skinny vinny at clean cuts unisex
Yesterday I made my first trip to Takoma Park, Maryland, for an experimental show at a house known as Clean Cuts Unisex, in honor of its barbershop past. It’s a real homey home, with a Hobbity staircase, a bunch of kids running around, a playroom with homemade Play-Doh, two yummy soups, a variety of vegan desserts and many friendly folks.

Skinny Vinny from Boston and Philly headlined. They made pretty sounds and strange sounds. It was refreshing to hear people in the audience, and even the performers, laugh at the sometimes comical noises and silences they created. I can’t stand it at NoiseFest when all these super serious guys make ridiculous music and movements and won’t even crack a smile once in a while.

As John Cage says, “I prefer laughter to tears.

Guess what instrument this is:

Follow the jump to find out!

escalator by ian cameron
Psych! It’s the escalator at the Takoma Metro station.


One Response to “Takoma Park Free Jazz”

  1. phong December 17, 2013 at 12:41 am #

    yes! and so happy you were there! the john cage link is really great: laughter IS therapy. and i always have wanted to record the escalator whales … you beat me to it!

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