2013 Resolution Audio

4 Jan

bike mirror
By December I had forgotten if I had made any resolutions in 2013. Luckily I still write all my hopes and dreams in a Livejournal! Here’s what I found:

Find a new cool job

Done! I couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of the year that the Smithsonian would offer me a job. I guess I made quite an impression with my audio posts during the Folklife Festival, and in December I started work as the editor for the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.


Go to the PNW, New York and Peru

I spent a frosty beautiful week in Washington state in March and a sweltering sticky weekend in New York in July. One day I’ll make it to Peru and see those arpe players for myself!


Start biking regularly again

Yes! I took a six-month biking hiatus after almost passing out alone on Sunset Boulevard, but I worked up courage and strength to begin again. Lou and I started biking along the L.A. River every weekend, and in D.C. biking was the fastest and funnest option.


Get confident taking public transit

I finally braved the Los Angeles Metro to commute to my volunteer gig at KPFK. Even on my first day in D.C., I successfully navigated the city by bus and subway. Now I can get just about anywhere–and get motion sick in the process.


Make a radio documentary (or many)

This is the audio achievement I am most proud of! My first radio documentary aired on KPFK in June, and I have recordings and ideas for many more.

I think I did pretty well! Did you complete your resolutions? Let’s hear ’em!


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