Welcome to Washington,       Get Out of My Van

15 Jan

washington monument at night
A weird thing happened to me when I returned to D.C. after winter break. I was relieved to land at about 10 p.m., not too late, and then reserved a spot on one of those airporter shuttles to get home.

After a long wait, our van—containing two D.C. women, a guy from Australia brand new to the U.S. and myself—was about to take off, when the driver tried to fit in a French family of five. One woman said she was going to report the driver because there weren’t enough seat belts for all the kids, and then the other woman stormed out in an awkwardly maneuvered rage.

The first woman got the company’s dispatcher on her cell phone, and the conversation was so outlandish I whipped out my recorder. (The three kids sharing the back seat with me snickered.)

I felt so bad that all these people were arriving in my county and this was their first experience outside the airport—but not so bad that I wasn’t laughing most of the time. Eventually, the driver kicked all of us out (20 degrees and nearing midnight, by the way). Aussie guy and I waited another half hour for another van and left the crazy lady to take a taxi.


2 Responses to “Welcome to Washington,       Get Out of My Van”

  1. jovanna January 20, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

    Hearing the woman provoke the bus driver makes me wonder if her motivation was the thrill of harassing a service industry worker.

    • Elisa Hough January 20, 2014 at 10:01 pm #

      I didn’t want to assume that of her, but I did think maybe this is what people mean when they talk about East Coasters being uptight.

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