daily music project

11 Mar

daily music project
In fall 2009, I had a whole house to myself for three weeks for the first time in my life. Feeling liberated and lonely, I recorded a short piece of music every day for 19 days straight on my Nokia flip phone.

This was before I had a digital audio recorder, so I used Blog Talk Radio’s now-discontinued Cinch recording service: they gave you a number to call, recorded whatever you played into the phone, and then uploaded an MP3 for you.

The end product is a goofy musical sketchbook, with few completed thoughts but something I would like to send out into the universe anyway. I mostly used that Casio PK-1 on top (that elephant keyboard, while the cutest, was garbage). By the 19th day I was ready to attempt something more ambitious — that recording was the prototype of this song.

I’m finishing this up as news pours out from Sacramento, that a body found in the Sacramento River today has been identified as Broughty Cole. I didn’t know Broughty, but I’m heartbroken over the mysterious loss of someone from our music scene, our town, a friend of many friends.

I was hesitant to “release” this “album,” but the tragic news comes as a reminder: Don’t hold back, don’t be shy, don’t be scared, because you never know. You just have to do everything you want to do. You always have to go for it.


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