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Malaikat dan Singa Gamelan Remix

18 May

malaikat dan singa at what the heck fest 2010
The first new band Ian and I were introduced to during our summer in Olympia was Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa. They’re pretty heavy tribal-sounding kind of stuff, with all the lyrics in Indonesian. Arrington started the band to impress an Indonesian girl (it worked; they dated for a few months).

While they were fun to watch, I always wished there were more Indonesian elements in their music. Arrington studied gamelan at the Evergreen State College, but as far as I can tell he hasn’t incorporated any of the instruments.

So, I did it instead.

Max/MSP gamelan sampler

In 2008 I built this gamelan sampler in Max/MSP for my electronic music class at UC Davis. I recorded each note of the UCD Gamelan’s bonang, jenglong, saron, kecrek, kempul and gong, and made this program so that you can play each instrument with a computer keyboard. (I got an A.)

I used the sampler to make my own version of “Kedalaman Air.” It’s kind of clunky and if I had a better audio editing program and sound card, I would change parts of it. But now I just want to share:


Okinawa Remix

30 Mar

I collected a lot of sounds in Okinawa, and this remix (my first! I guess…) combines some of my favorite parts of the island.

The original artist is Wataru Kousaka, who I found on MySpace even before I went to Okinawa. First I met Kengo Sakamoto, one of his bandmates in the Gender Sanshin Trio, who led me to Wataru, who then led me to the Okinawan gamelan ensemble. The birds were recorded while I was getting the worst sunburn of my life.

“Sisimai” – Gender Sanshin Trio (Electropica mix / エリサ ロケット mix)