Elevator Music

12 Sep

Through some pirate radio friends, I got to participate in the Muse ’til Midnight event at the L.A. County Museum of Art on Saturday.

dublab, an arts and web radio collective founded by some innovative KSCR alumni, presented sound installations for each of the museum’s exhibitions as auditory supplements to the visual art. (Maybe most notably, Daedelus made a mix for the Tim Burton exhibit.) Mostly it was live DJs and some smart-phone streams, but my favorite part was the live music in the elevator.

LACMA elevator from the outside

For what must have been four hours, these two guys were stationed in the Broad Contemporary wing’s elevator, passing back and forth a bottle of whiskey and providing an ambient soundtrack for riders. They never spoke or acknowledged thanks, as if we were to believe the elevator itself really was making music.

live music in the LACMA elevator

FYI, that’s not an automated sound each time the doors open and close. He’s hitting a triangle. Can you tell when we’re going up and when we’re going down?


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